How to multiply x10 your income thanks to Marketing Automation

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How to Multiply x10 your Income Thanks to Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation strategy is designed to help you convert your business opportunities or leads intocustomers that you can later build as spokespersons and ambassadors for your brand.

For this, it is essential that you have established a constant funnel for generating new leads, which allows you to create a database with contacts that you can segment into groups with similar characteristics.

The most important thing is to build the best marketing strategy that empowers you to apply a lead nurturing process, depending on the stage in which your prospects are within the buyer's journey, in order to take them in a natural way to make the decision of becoming customers of your business.

According to a study by Nuclear Research, 95% of the companies that have adopted Marketing Automation as a strategy for managing the relationship with their customers, have reported a favorable increase in the productivity of their sales, which suggests their effectiveness to increase the profitability of your business and maximize the return on your investment.
Grow your business and multiply your sales through Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is not a new concept that has just emerged within the broad vocabulary of digital marketing, the reality is that it has been there for decades and has now reinvented itself, becoming a necessity for companies, giving way to a set of techniques and tools with innovative solutions that will favor the performance of your conversion rate.

This technology involves the inclusion of modern marketing practices such as:
  • Lead Generation
  • Segmentation
  • Lead nurturing and lead scoring
  • Relational marketing
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Loyalty
  • ROI calculation

Although some of these practices do not require Marketing Automation, it is worth mentioning that the inclusion of technology in your marketing processes is vital if you want to scale and take your business to another level.

But how to increase your income and maximize the ROI of your business through Marketing Automation? Pay attention to the following 4 tips.

  1. ) Segment your lead database
    When you get new leads and want to start a lead nurturing process, the best way is to segment your contact list to avoid sending the same message to your entire database.
    The key to the segmentation process is to define and identify who your buyer person is and also to establish the stage in which you are in the purchase process.
    This approach will let you know who your prospects are (objectives, interests, needs, etc.) and how to take them to interact with your business (identification of their stage within the buyer’s journey).

  2. ) Create a custom sales funnel
    What do I mean by this? The main idea is to provide your buyer with the exact information they are looking for and to guide them to make the decision you want them to make, that is to simplify each process, avoiding the inclusion of unnecessary information that saturates or diverts their attention from what is really important.
    For example, if a potential customer has landed on one of your landing page, you have to give him exactly what he wants, not saturate it with countless options that will take him away from the main objective.

    At this point, your sales funnel should be limited to one and only one option for your prospects to become customers.

  3. ) Debug your contact list
    You probably have an extensive list of prospects and you need to monitor it to identify which ones will bring you value and which ones will not.
    Carrying out this process will allow you to increase the value of the entire contact list, so your delivery effectiveness rate will increase, as well as your conversion rate.
    But how to debug your database of leads? You can base your analysis on these three criteria:

    - Do they have the authority to buy?
    - Do you have a budget?
    - When do you plan to buy?

    So, based on the answers you get to these questions, don't waste your time, or your money in leads that has no influence or authority. Stop applying nurturing on them and focus on those that are really worth it.

  4. Reduce the loss of potential customers
    With the automation of your marketing processes it is possible to reduce the rate of abandonment of leads of your sales funnel, but for this it is necessary to identify where the vanishing points are and prevent them. How? Keep reading.

    Lead scoring

    According to a study by Sirius Decision, 80% of leads are not adequately tracked by the sales department due to lack of communication with the marketing department and the assignment of a scoring that qualifies as a lead SQL, so they are not taken care of promptly and end up getting lost.

    Sale Alert

    An effective Marketing Automation process must launch an alert when a lead reaches the appropriate scoring to be considered as a possible sale.

    Lead nurturing

    The same study showed that 78% of qualified leads like SLQ fail to speak with sales representatives, so it is necessary to develop a lead nurturing process that provides them with information related to the interests and needs of each lead and depending from this provide the solution that meets your expectations.

    Monitor changes in lead scoring
    Your Marketing Automation strategy should help you identify when a lead has changed its score due to factors such as its budget, its role within the company or its needs and apply the necessary actions in case its score has dropped.

    Results Tracking

    Tracking what happens with your leads within the sales funnel should become your daily bread. Why? It is important to identify where the bottleneck is within the processes and based on that establish adjustments that allow you to improve the results.


    Marketing Automation is not only the job of sending an email, it is much more than that, it is actually the way in which your business can change by making your tasks more efficient and productive, but above all because it creates the right environment for your Prospects become customers and promoters of your brand.

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    By: Eloy Montaña
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