Maximize your Resources

06.03.20 12:58 PM Comment(s) By William

Maximize your Resources

There is a point in the life of your business that you have to recapitulate and inventory not only of your products or service but of your resources. Understand yourself, efforts, etc.
Sometimes the operation consumes us and we leave a gap where resources are filtered. Like when we have a leak in our water pipe. At the end of the month the bill has risen without us noticing.

In the same way our resources work. Day after day these resources are escaped and we raise our expenses without knowing where the fault is.

So what should we do?

What does Maximize mean?

It consists of taking advantage or exploiting everything possible, certain resources or functions.

We have to allow for a moment that the operation does not consume you and think about all the resources we have.

Make a list of them, write down to the smallest detail and then analyze how you use each of these resources.

What role do each of these resources take in your processes (in all your processes).

Evaluate whether these resources are used properly.

Evaluate if you get the most out of those resources.

If in the evaluation you notice that your processes do not go according to your resources or your resources do not go according to your processes, you are finding your escape.

Sometimes we want to perform our tasks, projects or processes in the same way we have always done. And we don't realize how fast our environment changes.

A philosopher left us told,

"This time of anxiety in which we live, is the result of trying to do today's work with yesterday's tools"
- Marshall Mcluhan-

Repair your business escape

Today there are thousands of tools for business. In the evaluation of your processes include or analyze the tools you use and how they fit into your reality. If you realize that these tools you use are not suitable for today, start eliminating those that are not and implement those that do suit you so that in this way the repair of your business is effective.

This type of evaluation must be carried out constantly since the speed with which the world is evolving is impressive. And if we do not evolve with him, we will only sell memories. There are several companies that help optimize your business processes, which analyze or create your correct procedures. Let's talk.

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