Social Media Dialogue

06.03.20 12:58 PM Comment(s) By William

Social Media Dialogue

All companies know that word of mouth advertising is the most effective. Today we can find this same phenomenon in social networks.

Social networks appeal to us to make and keep friends. Perhaps with the desire we have as a company to sell, we begin to bombard our audience with offers, information about our products or our services. But when we talk about a social network, we talk about being able to identify those people who for some reason or another share an interest similar to mine. For example, we may have some common interest because we study in the same school, we are from the same place, we work in the same place, we have some common friendship, etc. Well, not necessarily "posting" good prices on my Fan Page I will be able to acquire more prospects as we want.

The question is how should I talk on social networks? And how do they talk to me?

We must start by knowing the address of each social network

All networks have a niche, they have a section of the population to which they are directed. Also, each social network is focused on something specific.

  • Facebook appeals to abound with social issues, research or an event. The purpose of Facebook is to place a message that causes another to share, the likes are good but we want our posts to be shared.
  • Instagram are things that happen at the moment or photos that reflect some feeling or thought, should be more direct.
  • Twitter are topics of the moment, whether something happened in the country, because there abounds; You can also place thought because they give you re-tweet.

Knowing this you can identify which social network to focus on.

How do I talk on social networks?

The first thing is to reflect who we are as a company. If you want someone to be your friend, you must show who you are so that people can identify with you, in this case as a company.

You must identify what interests the population you want to reach and in this way talk to them on social networks.

How do they talk to us?
This advantage that social networks give us is almost insurmountable. What they tell us. Because of the type of dynamics that occur within social networks, we can meet our friends and followers. At the level of knowing what your preferences might be, how often they see us, etc.

If we can know details of our friends and followers, we can be more effective in launching our advertising. Not to mention the ease they give us of doing our marketing to be able to carry out our conversions (Strangers - Visitors - Followers - Clients - Promoters of our brand)

For these reasons we say that there is a dialogue in social networks, because we talk and talk to us. Our recommendation is to take advantage of these conversations and this way of interacting.

If you would like to know more about this topic or give training to your team, you can contact us.

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