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¿Qué opciones tengo para seguir trabajando durante la pandemia? 

Sabemos que la situación del COVID-19 que enfrenta el mundo es una muy difícil y desalentadora para muchos. Como siempre, en You Prism estamos comprometidos a ayudar a nuestros clientes a utilizar todos los beneficios de la tecnología, al máximo. En medio de esta cuarentena obligatoria que vive el m...

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Social Media Dialogue
All companies know that word of mouth advertising is the most effective. Today we can find this same phenomenon in social networks.

Social networks appeal to us to make and keep friends. Perhaps with the desire we have as a company to sell, we begin to bombard our audience with offers, information ab...
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Change your perspective
A long time ago there was a very important teacher who was approaching a city. In this city there was a man who wanted to meet and see this teacher. However, this one was small, and it was difficult for him to see the teacher since many people followed him. Understanding that I could not see him fro...
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