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Maximize your Resources
There is a point in the life of your business that you have to recapitulate and inventory not only of your products or service but of your resources. Understand yourself, efforts, etc.
Sometimes the operation consumes us and we leave a gap where resources are filtered. Like when we have a leak in our...
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Our relationship with the client
Effective relationship
Let's talk about our relationship with the customer. We know that we are social beings therefore in all our environments there is a relationship. Family, work relationships, couple relationships, etc. In the case of our companies or companies there is a relationship with our cl...
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Relationships that help us grow
What needs can we cover for our clients and which ones should we should refer?

When we serve customers they usually bring us many needs. Needs that we can cover and needs that we don't know how to cover.

So what could we do?

We could only tell our client: "I'm sorry we don't work with that individ...

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Change your perspective
A long time ago there was a very important teacher who was approaching a city. In this city there was a man who wanted to meet and see this teacher. However, this one was small, and it was difficult for him to see the teacher since many people followed him. Understanding that I could not see him fro...
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